We’re working on the 2021 Beer list…but all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Stay tuned.

Check out the 2020 BEER LIST. 

Highlights of the additions and features from last year’s festival:

  • More space, more restrooms and a couple HUMONGOUS Tent in front of the hangar, PLUS OTHER TENTS with more fun!
  • The ESPN Lager Lounge powered by Four Pegs Beer Lounge! You won’t miss the UofL Basketball game, plus enjoy tasty lagers and chicken wings in this specialty bar tent.
  • VIP’s will receive an Independence Bank shopping bag with an exclusive Bell’s Beer Tailspin Souvenir 2020 Trucker Hat.
  • Drake’s Silent Disco! People danced like no one was watching or LISTENING! We can’t promise the Nappy Roots will make an impromptu appearance again to perform along with the DJ, but you never know…. Also located in the Silent Disco was four featured brews handpicked by Drake’s.
  • The Bourbon Barrel Beer Bar was a popular spot and will return.
  • Cider and Sour Bar will be back again! Pucker up!
  • The Official PRO-AM Tailspin Ale was brewed in partnership with Apocalypse Beer Works. For 2020,  we have “Mint Condition” Milk Chocolate Stout with Mint. Think Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies!

*Our Beer list is subject to change due to availability and shipping from the breweries and distributors.



2nd Shift -Technical Ecstasy Czech-style pilsner
2nd Shift – Art of Neurosis
2nd Shift – Cranberry Bridget Bretted Fruit Ale
2nd Shift – Heaven Hill Barrel Aged Black Noise
5 Rabbit – Gran Missionario Rose Wheat Ale
5 Rabbit – Xicago Mexican Lager
50 West – Coast to Coast IPA
50 West – Doom Pedal White IPA
50 West – Chasing Sunsets
Abita – Strawberry Lager
Abita – Macchiato Milk Stout
Abita – Hop 99
Ace Ciders – Pink Guava
Ace Ciders – Space Blood Orange
Ace Ciders – Perry
Against the Grain – A Beer – Super American Premium Lager
Against the Grain – Citra Ass Down – DIPA
Against the Grain – Supernumerary Tripel
Against the Grain – Fruit Scootin Boogie – Fruited Wild Ale
Against the Grain – 35K Milk Stout
Against the Grain – Coffee Inception Bo and Luke
Against the Grain – Here I Gose Again – Tequila Barrel Aged Gose
Against the Grain – 70K – BA Imperial Milk Stout
Akasha – Brain Check Imperial Coffee Stout
Akasha – Tea Time
Akasha – Billy Ray Citra Hoppy Wheat Ale
Akasha – “It’s the Jam” Imperial Milk Stout with Bourbon Smoked Cacao Nibs & Black Raspberry Jam – Collaboration with Bourbon Barrel Foods
Alltech Lexington Brewing Co – IPA
Alltech Lexington Brewing Co – Vanilla Bourbon Cream Ale
Angry Orchard – Unfiltered Cider
Angry Orchard – Baldwin Single Origin Cider
Angry Orchard – Wooden Sleeper Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider
Apocalypse – Mint Condition – Tailspin PROAM with LAGERS Homebrew Club
Ballast Point – High West Barrel Aged Victory at Sea
BBC – Wheat Ale
BBC – Bourbon Barrel Stout
Bells – Two Hearted IPA
Bells – Light Hearted IPA
Bells – Bright White Ale
Bells – Official Hazy IPA
Bells – Amber Ale
Bells – Porter
Bells -Uberon (Bourbon Barrel Aged Oberon)
Bells – Le Appel du Vide Blackberry Sour Ale
Black Acre Brewing Co – Natural Liberty Citra American Pale Lager
Black Acre Brewing Co – TV Wolf Dry Hopped IPA
Black Acre Brewing Co – Beard Tax Russian Imperial Stout
Blackberry Farm – Blackberry Farm Fenceline Belgian Ale
Blackberry Farm – Blackberry Farm Classic Saison
Blake’s Cider Co – St. Cheri
Blake’s Cider Co – El Chavo
Blue Stallion – Blueberry
Blue Stallion – Ten Words
Blue Stallion – Sweet Fudgin Milk Stout
Braxton Brewing – Dark Charge Maple Breakfast
Braxton Brewing – Graeters White Chocolate Cherry Stout
Braxton Brewing – Hop Fit
Braxton Brewing – Sangarita
Brew Dog – Choco Libre Nitro
Brew Dog – Hazy Jane IPA
Brew Dog – Elvis Juice IPA
Brew Dog – Pulp Patriot
Central State -Friend of a Friend Farmhouse Ale aged in Oak Barrels
Central State – Alastor Imperial Milk Stout
Champion – Pils Are Alive Citra Dry Hopped Pilsner
Champion – Red Scare – 2017 Vintage Russian Imperial Stout
Cider Boys – Grand Mimosa
Cider Boys – Strawberry Magic
Cigar City – Margarita Gose
Cigar City – Florida Man
Cigar City – Maduro Brown
Country Boy Brewing Co – Bourbon Barrel Aged Nate’s Coffee Stout Anniversary Ale
Country Boy Brewing Co – Survive Pilsner
Country Boy Brewing Co – Dynasty IIPA
Country Boy Brewing Co – Lemonade Lager
Country Boy Brewing Co – Orange Cream Cider
Crooked Stave – Double Dry Hopped Sour IPA
Crooked Stave – Coffee Baltic Porter
Crooked Stave – Crooked Stave Sour Ale – TBD
Darkness Brewing Co – Mayan Sacrifice
Darkness Brewing Co – 7c’s Anomaly
Darkness Brewing Co – Royal Peasant
Deschutes – Black Butte Porter
Deschutes – Black Butte XXXII
Dogfish Head – The Perfect Disguise DIPA
Dogfish Head – Vibrant P’Ocean
Dogfish Head – American Beauty Hazy Ripple
Dry Grounds – Monkey Trial DIPA
Dry Grounds – Night Rapture Bourbon Barrel Stout
Dry Grounds – Umber Milk Stout
Ethereal Brewing Co – Baba Yaga Chocolate Sea Salt
Ethereal Brewing Co – Baba Yaga Mayan Chcolate
Ethereal Brewing Co – Throw Back Pilsner
Ethereal Brewing Co – Cloud Candy Citra
Falls City Brewing Co – Slam Dunkel
Falls City Brewing Co – Pilsner
Falls City Brewing Co – Eleven’s Waffle Stout Variant
Falls City Brewing Co – Cloudburst IPA
False Idol Brewing Co – False Idol Manna German kellerbier
False Idol Brewing Co – Salutis New England IPA
False Idol Brewing Co – St. Hyena Sour Pale Ale
Fat Heads – Bumble Berry Honey Blueberry
Fat Heads – Head Hunter IPA
Fat Heads – Goggle Fogger Hefeweizen
Fehr’s – Original
Fehr’s – Cheer Dark Cream Ale
Flywheel – Decapitated Monkey
Flywheel – TBD
Founders – French Toast Bastard – Cinnamon Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale
Founders – Civilized Brut IPA
Founders – Unraveled IPA
Founders – Solid Gold
Goodwood Brewing Co – El Gozador
Goodwood Brewing Co -Walnut Brown Ale
Goodwood Brewing Co – Louisville Lager
Goose Island Brewing Co – Bourbon County Stout
Goose Island Brewing Co – Bourbon County Stout Variant
Goose Island Brewing Co – Jillian – Wine Barrel Aged Saison with Strawberries, honey and peppercorn
Gordon Biersch – Winter Bock
Gordon Biersch – Maple Oatmeal stout
Gordon Biersch – Imperial Stout PROAM with LAGERS Homebrew Club
Gordon Biersch – Bourbon Barrel Aged Abbey Dubbel
Gravely – Debaser
Gravely – Sprockets
Gravely – Bossanova
Great Flood – Citra Saison
Great Flood – Blonde
Great Lakes Brewing Co – Bierwolf Dunkelweizen
Great Lakes Brewing Co – Chillwave DIPA
Great Lakes Brewing Co – Conway’s Irish Ale
Great Lakes Brewing Co – Dortmunder German Lager
Great Lakes Brewing Co – Bourbon Barrel Aged Alberta Clipper
Hi-Wire Brewing Co – Sour Smoothie
Hi-Wire Brewing Co – Lo Pitch Session IPA
Hi-Wire Brewing Co – Bohemian Dark Lager
Hi-Wire Brewing Co – S’mores Porter
Hi-Wire Brewing Co – Sour Ale – TBD
Holsopple – Obsured IPA
Holsopple – Pilsner
Holsopple – Knock it Bock
Holsopple – Cider
Jar Fly – TBD
Lagunitas – Sonoma Farmhouse Framboise Kriek aged in Cognac Barrels with Brett
Lagunitas – Willetized Coffee Stout
Lagunitas – Little Sumpin Sumpin
Lagunitas – IPA
Lagunitas – Lucky 13 Imperial Red Ale
Mad Tree Brewing – Ramble On
Mad Tree Brewing – Rubus Cacao
Mad Tree Brewing – Shade
Mad Tree Brewing – Local Blend Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Porter
Mile Wide Brewing Co – Double Dry-Hopped Catalina Clouds NEIPA
Mile Wide Brewing Co – Frivolous Ideation Pastry Stout
Mile Wide Brewing Co – Gif Peanut Butter Porter
Mirror Twin – You, Me, and Mr. PB Peanut Butter Porter
Mirror Twin – Mirror Twin White Girl Wasted American Blonde Ale
Monnik – Still Not Dead Rye Pale Ale
Monnik – Vier Barrel Aged Sweet Stout with Vanilla & Chickory- 4th Anniversary beer
Monnik – IPA
Monnik – New Year Old Ale Bourbon Barrel Aged English Old Ale
New Belgium – Oakspire
New Belgium – Where I Live Sour Ale Collaboration with TRVE
New Belgium – Starship IPA
New Belgium – Transatlantique Kriek
New Belgium – La Folie Grand Reserve Honey Saffron
New Belgium – Voo Doo Juicy Haze
New Belgium – Voo Doo American
New Belgium – Voo Doo Imperial
New Holland – Dragon’s Milk
New Holland – Dragon’s Milk Variant
Oddside – Double Boisenberry
Oddside – Bean Flicker
Oddside – Passion Dank Juice
Oddside – Blackberry Black Currant Fruitscile
Oskar Blues – Barrel Aged Ten Fidy Imperial Stout
Oskar Blues – Mamma’s Little Yella Pils
Oskar Blues – CanOBliss Citra Double IPA
Oxbow – BAFPA Mixed Fermentation Saison aged in Oak Barrels
Oxbow – Old 51 Amber Farmhouse Ale with Rye
Pivot Brewing – Bourbon Barrel Aged Fincastle (Cider)
Pivot Brewing – Sangria (Cider)
Pivot Brewing – Vintage Cider
Platform Brewing – Hey Jude
Platform Brewing -Shine A Little Light
Platform Brewing – Red Martian Fruit Punch Slushie Sour
Platform Brewing – Bon Bon Iere Cream Ale collaboration with Cincinatti Opera House
Rhinegeist – Cheetah
Rhinegeist – Night Whale Imperial Bourbon Barrel Stout
Rhinegeist – Slangria
Rhinegeist – Bubbles
Rhinegeist – Whiffle
Rhinegeist- Business Ferret
Rhinegeist – Cordially Yours Southern Grist Collaboration
Rhinegeist – Cloud Harvest: Moku Nui
Rhinegeist -Sabertooth
Rhinegeist – LoDo
Rhinegeist – Cocoa Almond Ink Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Rhinegeist – Moonburst
Samuel Adams – Boston Lager
Samuel Adams – Cherry What
Samuel Adams – Mountain Berry
Samuel Adams – Cold Snap
Samuel Adams – I love Porter
Samuel Adams – Ruby Mild
Samuel Adams – NE IPA
Shiner – Pineapple Coconut IPA
Shiner – Balcones Whiskey BA Bock
Shiner – Shiner Winter Cheers
Sierra Nevada – Hazy Little Thing
Sierra Nevada -Wild Little Thing
Sierra Nevada – Ovila Brandy Barrel Aged
Sierra Nevada – 40th Anniversary
Sierra Nevada – Bourbon Barrel Aged Bigfoot Barleywine
Six Point Brewing Co – Party Hat Hazy IPA
Six Point Brewing Co – Jammer Gose
Six Point Brewing Co – Citrus Jammer – Lime Gose
Southern Tier – 2XIPA
Southern Tier – Imperial Cinnamon Roll
Stillwater – Gose Gone Wild Sour Ale
Sun King Brewing Co – Carmel Apple Tripel
Sun King Brewing Co – Keller Haze IPA
Sun King Brewing Co – Java Mac
Sun King Brewing Co – Panchanga Mexican Lager
Sweetwater Brewing Co – 420 Pale Ale
Sweetwater Brewing Co – 420 Strain: G13 IPA
Sweetwater Brewing Co – 420 Strain: Mango Kush Wheat
Sweetwater Brewing Co – 420 Strain: Insane OG Mexican Lager
Sweetwater Brewing Co – 420 Strain: Train Wreck Double IPA
Sweetwater Brewing Co – Georgia Brown
Sweetwater Brewing Co – 23rd Anniversary – Foeder Aged Sour IPA
Sweetwater Brewing Co – Sinner’s Son Imperial Stout with Coconuts aged in Bourbon Barrels
Taft’s Ale House – Gavel Banger IPA
Taft’s Ale House – Hazy Colada IPA
Taft’s Ale House – Nelly’s Winter Sweet Orange Lager
Terrapin Brewing Co -Hopscutioner
Terrapin Brewing Co -Lau
Terrapin Brewing Co – So Fresh and Green
Terrapin Brewing Co -Hoppin’ Bubbly
Terrapin Brewing Co – Moo Hoo
Terrapin Brewing Co – White Choco Moo
Terrapin Brewing Co – Gamma Ray
Three Floyds – Hazy Hati IPA – Band Collaboration
Three Floyds – Gumball Head Wheat Ale
Three Floyds – Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale
Three Floyds – Region X Dortmunder Export Lager
Two Roads – Rumball Rum Barrel Aged Ale
Two Roads – Two Die For
Two Roads -Dark Cherry Synopsis
Upland Brewing Co – Juicy Beast IPA
Upland Brewing Co – Pettle to the Kettle
Upland Brewing Co – Preservado Tequilla Aged
Upland Brewing Co – Willet Barrel Aged Barrel Chested Barley Wine
Upland Brewing Co -Wheat
Urban Artifact – Woodbreaker
Urban Artifact – Spyglass Lemon Lime Gose
Urban Artifact – Peanut Butter, Banana & Jelly
Vander Mill Cider – Brut
Vander Mill Cider – Rose
Vander Mill Cider – Blue Gold
Victory – Sour Monkey
Victory – Golden Monkey
West Sixth Brewing Co – Cerveza Mexican Lager
West Sixth Brewing Co – Hopstatic Channel 2
West Sixth Brewing Co -Snakes on a Plane
West Sixth Brewing Co – Snakes in a Barrel
West Sixth Brewing Co -Snake Cake
West Sixth Brewing Co -Snake Eyes
West Sixth Brewing Co – Cosmic Beam NE IPA
West Sixth Brewing Co – Ken Tiki IPA
Wild Hops -Schwartzbier
Wise Bird – Commonwealth Gold Cider
Wise Bird – Rickhouse Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider
Wise Bird – Short Stories Vol. 1 Limited Series
Wooden Cask Brewing – Smoked Imperial Hog Porter
Wooden Cask Brewing – Kentucky Farmhand Wheat Ale
Wooden Cask Brewing – New Porter
Yuengling – Hershey Chocolate Porter
Yuengling – Yuengling Flight
Yuengling – Lager

*Beer List is subject to change, but only for the better! Cheers from the Team at Tailspin Ale Fest.