Parking is FREE at Tailspin Ale Fest, but we advise you to coordinate a ride to and from Tailspin Ale Fest to ensure the maximum fun! Your safety is our concern and we want you to drink responsibly. Designated Driver Tickets are available for purchase. Also there is a designated Uber/Lyft drop/pick up location on the property. Please note that some parking areas will be a short walk to the hangar due to space availability. Please dress appropriately for outside weather as this is a "Winter Warmer" event. If the weather calls for rain or snow, please wear weather proof gear. No umbrellas allowed in the venue. 

The BEST OPTION is to reserve a space on the "Get on the Bus, Gus!" Program. Shuttles are running from multiple areas throughout the city and a southern Indiana location. 

If you do decide to drive, YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE OVERNIGHT, UNTIL NOON THE NEXT DAY. Be safe and take a cab, uber or lyft home!