Tailspin Ale Fest wants to recognize the great state of Kentucky and its heritage to the beverage industry. Kentucky is not only known for its bourbon, but the brewing industry is on the rise in the bluegrass state and they are Kentucky PROUD! When you experience Tailspin Ale Fest, LOOK for the large KENTUCKY HERITAGE Banner in the hangar and visit with our Kentucky Brewers from all across the state.

We give special thanks to our featured Kentucky  Heritage Brewery, West Sixth Brewing Company from Lexington. They’ve been a supporter of Tailspin Ale Fest and many organizations with their tireless efforts to support the community and non-profit organizations.

A little more about the history:
West Sixth Brewing founders Ben, Brady, Joe, and Robin all came to the same conclusion at about the same time – Lexington, KY needs more high quality local craft beer. Since they came from very different backgrounds with diverse sets of experiences and talents, they joined forces to create beer that can be enjoyed not only by craft beer experts, but also by those who just want something tasty to drink after going for a bike ride.

If you want to know more about the Kentucky brewing scene and the brewers themselves, check out the Kentucky Guild of Brewers.