We partner up with some of the best local food trucks and vendors in the area for a selection for something for everyone to enjoy!
STAY TUNED as we get our line up of Tailspin Ale Fest Food Truck Vendors, like 502 Cafe & Chris Williams, that has been with us since the first days of planning Tailspin.


solid-rockit-boostersWe’ve had some of the best local bluegrass bands, like Whiskey Bent Valley Boys and other great folk artists, like the Moonlight Peddlers play for us. Plus guys that traveled from Paducah to live’n up the scene with the Solid Rock’It Boosters, playing honky tonk and rockabilly tunes. We even flew in the Pimps of Joytime for some funky good times, all the way from Californ-I-A.

We’ll be announcing in late December our musical line up. There’s so many great bands out there locally and afar, it’s hard to choose. But first we must get the most important work done and that is getting the brews!